Laundry room is located at port 48AB more information can be found here: Laundry room

Waste management

Waste and recycling

You will find the environmental station in front of port 54. Here you can recycle cardboard, plastic, glass, batteries, newspapers and small metal.

Household rubbish

Tie the bag together properly so that those who clean our garbage rooms do not have to find out about your “gegga”.
Feel free to reinforce with two bags if your rubbish is wet.
Only throw away things that cannot be recycled and always use a bag that is tied together. This means that empty paper bags, cartons, etc. should not be thrown there.
Close the door when you throw away your rubbish. That way it smells better in our stairwells.

Rough rubbish

Located at port 52 (use key fob) and the following applies to these:

It is important that we only dispose of bulky rubbish that goes into the containers.
There is a separate container for electrical waste.
Larger bulky rubbish you drive to Kvarnkullen, see for information.
Rough rubbish includes small items, plastic boxes that cannot be recycled at the recycling station, etc.
Note that the association brings a container here a couple of times a year (see notices in the gates when this happens). It is a great opportunity to throw a little bigger things that do not fit in the containers of the rough rooms.

Food waste
Reduce food waste and use the association’s food waste. Available at port 50. If your tray does not work for food waste, contact the board to register.

The food waste must be placed in the brown paper bag. Let wet food waste drain in the sink and feel free to put some uncoloured kitchen paper in the bottom of the bag. Food that smells a lot, such as shrimp shells and fish, you can wrap in a little uncoloured kitchen paper before you put it in the brown bag.

Food waste will be, among other things, fossil-free fuel for public transport and environmentally friendly fertilizer used by regional farmers.

What should I throw in the food waste collection?

  • Food leftovers, raw and cooked
  • Bread, cakes and groats
  • Peels and scraps of fruit and vegetables
  • Coffee grounds and tea bags
  • Seafood, including shells
  • Bird, fish and meat bones (small and thin)
  • Pasta and rice
  • Eggs and eggshells
  • Uncoloured kitchen paper and napkins

What should I NOT throw in the food waste collection?

  • Tobacco, fimpar and snus
  • Chewing gum
  • Potted plants and soil
  • Cat litter, litter or sawdust from caged animals
  • Vacuum cleaner bags
  • Coarse meat bones
  • Tops and patches
  • Ice cream and chopsticks
  • Charcoal and ash
  • Garden waste


More information coming soon

TV & Internet

The association is today connected to Bredband2 group connection 1000mbit / 1000mbit.

The monthly fee will be approximately SEK 45 per month for each apartment and the fee will be included in the monthly fee for members of the association and in the apartment rent for the association’s tenants. No separate invoice will be sent out.

For support for internet via Broadband2. Contact their customer service at number: 0770-811 000 or visit their customer support at

TV: ComHem has now switched to digital channels. You can also order internet via ComHem (not through group connection).


The association has no parking spaces. The city of Solna handles questions about garage spaces in Motorborgen, see the link here

Contact register

More information coming soon


There is a storage associated with each condominium. If you want extra storage, you can contact the board via contacting us.

Documents / Forms

Here you can find documents and forms, see the link here

Neighborhood watch

More information coming soon

Key tags

Residents use key tags to enter the property, between 23-06 a PIN code is also required for the key tag. The personal code is selected the first time you use one of the tiles. The PIN code must have four digits and then apply to all household tags.

Visitors to the property can search for names via the intercom, choose a name and then call accommodation. Calls are made to the telephone number chosen by the resident (both landline and mobile phone) and residents can talk to visitors at the gate. To let the visitor in, press 5.

Residents must check that the doors are closed properly after entry or exit.

It is important that the board is notified if a badge is lost so that it can be blocked as soon as possible and thus become unusable in our system.